20 November 2007

cultivate learnings of freeway for make benefit glorious lounge of voodoo

not intended to be as funny as Borat, but hopefully just as insightful and meaningful ... (really!)

here are some of my scribble notes from last Saturday's "Cultivate Gathering" hosted by Resonate and The Freeway Cafe:
- - - - -
M I S S I O N A L   I M A G I N A T I O N
Joe Manafo – Missional Imagination & Creativity
- our experiences are a fusion of images, sound, music, lights, structures
- forming a ministry is like pulling together various images to fashion/decipher a story
- mind-mapping is a process that allows messages to emerge

Krista Jefferson
- reflect on one of the core values of Frwy – beauty – and took a tour of the Beasley neighbourhood to look at the poverty but still identify places and images of beauty
- “I don’t want to photograph someone’s wedding more than once”

Katherine Siebert
- “conviction” may be just that intuitive sense that something isn’t quite right
- “experimentation” – acting on conviction, even if it means stepping out into uncertainty
– started edeva, a blog for artists and artisans to discover (being the beautiful gift and unwrapping yourself to the world)
- “taking the leap” – moved to Dominican Republic … maybe for a time, maybe forever
- “confirmation”
- “evolution”

M I S S I O N A L   T H E O L O G Y
Tim Bailey
- there is a difference between our new images and the process of reimagining - how do we help people reimagine?

reimagine :: the concept of ‘fellowship’
- how do we facilitate authenticity? Scripture talks about ‘putting off’ (e.g. falsehood) … you don’t become authentic, you are already authentic – you can only choose to mess that up
>> we give up and dump off things – e.g. my privacy, my protection/protectiveness
>> we try to become the kind of person that doesn’t require you to exercise grace, which is counter to the message of the Gospel

reimagine :: ‘freedom’
- it’s getting rid of my own bondage – getting away from my selfishness, not moving towards more of what I want
- love will drive you to the people that you think least deserve it … love is inherently missional
- grace = being addicted to forgiving

reimagine :: ‘worship’
- if worship is about sacrifice, it leads us to give up my whole being for His creation
- if it’s about being filled as opposed to being emptied (Phil 2), then we have missed the point

reimagine :: ‘truth’
- if it’s seen as downloading information through to conclusion, it finalizes and resides with us
- truth is a person – and we are growing into the truth (there are things even 15-20 years ago that we believed to be incontrovertible truths which today we laugh at and can’t believe we ever held them so firmly)

David Fitch
- ‘missional orders’ – much of church planting has been based on the premise of Christendom … there used to be an established structure/church organization, and someone was paid to extend the franchise
>> missional order is about surviving – knowing we’ll get banged up, and finding ways to make ends meet
>> not about repackaging church for disgruntled Christians
>> we’ll have to take on disciplines of resistance … we’re told that a venture is not worthwhile if it’s not making money
>> old order of Christianity is about having power – now it’s decentralized, governed by mutual submission
>> not about organizing a system at an excellent level, but living a way of life together

M I S S I O N A L   P R A C T I C E
Dan Sheffield
- missio Dei – the restoration of shalom throught the expanding influence of the Kingdom of God on earth
- church’s ministry is incarnational, not attractional
- what does shalom look like in a culturally-diverse community?
> the meeting of different cultures can bring a richness of values to all, including the dominant culture
> multicultural accepts a duality of interaction: positive adjustment is necessary for all (not ghettoism – segregation of cultures)
> cultural self-assurance empowers minorities to interact with other cultures
- as Christians we are all moving from loyalty to our own cultural values, to an adjusted worldview
- we have loyalty to Christ and are seeking to incarnate him as “counter-“ in our own cultural contexts, but we also seek to interact with, be enriched by, and adjust to believers of other cultures
- the multicultural congregation empowers all cultural voices to participate in setting goals and making decisions
- - - - - - -

aj and i had a grand ol' time at the cafe.  i think that between free coffees, multiple trips to the bathroom, and exploring half of the one-way streets in hamilton, we felt God's call to missional ministry really amplified through the reflections and networking that took place.

and call it rebelliousness, unbelievable self-assurance or all-out stupidity ... for all that i heard people say "but don't do" or "you shouldn't try", i felt even more compelled to try to navigate those avenues that seemed to frustrate everyone else.  

dream big or go home, i guess.


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