16 December 2007

the voodoo world tour

well, this is as big as it could get folks ... 3 venues, 3 different weeks. i'm not sure exactly why, but every now and again I get asked when and where I'll be speaking next. so for the dangerously curious, the gluttons for punishment and those who won't be persuaded otherwise, here's where you can find me over the upcoming weeks:

Dec 24 @ 7 pm - Trinity Community Church (Oro)
Dec 30 @ 10:30 am - Tweedsmuir Presbyterian Church (Orangeville)
Jan 6 @ 10:30 am - Living Faith Community Presbyterian Church (Baxter)

as far as the new ministry launch plans go, i'm going to try to schedule a coffee gathering for any and everyone who's interested in tracking with the voodoo lounge (it's funky, it wasn't my idea, and i don't have a better name for it yet) once the Christmas rush is over. if you'd like to be part of the underground, please leave me a note with your email address.

as my friend alex would say ... heroes wanted. safe return doubtful.



  1. I'm in!

    But, I'm not posting my email because I don't want people to spam me asking if I want to be "bigger"

  2. Count me in. thebassman[at]gmail[dot]com. ;) Ooohh... I'm so tricky... the russian spammers won't find me now... lol.

  3. Count me in too! Can't wait!!!
    Thanks for the russian-spammer-busting tip, Tim...