13 February 2008


i just got back from sunnybrook health sciences centre visiting my friend cindy. she was in a horrific car accident when she collided with a school bus. after undergoing numerous surgeries, she is now out of intensive care and slowly recuperating.

she seems to be in really good spirits, and deeply concerned about the welfare of others - including her children and close friends. can you believe that she actually mustered up the energy to grill me about how the voodoo lounge initiative is progressing??!

anyway, she tells me that she plans to be out of the hospital and at home in a week.

don't laugh - she's a fighter. if anyone can do it, she can.



  1. Thanks for the update on Cindy, Patrick!

  2. thats cindy...always a fighter
    miss you voo, me and jeff are coming to see your show friday!

  3. Hey voodoo just found out about the blog. Sound awesome.

    Thanks for the update on Cindy.

    Until next time,

  4. I saw Cindy yesterday. I walked into her room and the first thing she does is introduce me to the other people visiting her. Her first priority is that we were all comfortable, her with her broken bones and all! If Cindy were lying in the ditch and the Good Samaritan came up to help her, one wonders if she wouldn't offer him a sandwich before he carted her off to the inn! By the way, rumor has it that you rocked the stage in your performance! Anyone who was lucky enough to see your Monty Hall already knew that you were the "real deal"! Way to go Patrick!

  5. i've got to get down to see cindy again ... keep up the prayers and visits (as appropriate) everybody ... i'm sure that in ways you can't even fully appreciate, you are acting as amazing agents of grace, and speeding the healing process along.