04 April 2012

do, or not do ... there is no 'try'

if you're at all like me, you love stories of people who don't understand - or maybe better put, aren't restricted by - the meaning of the word "can't".

so many of us mourn the fact that throughout our lives we're told what we can't do - often because of our context, maybe our age, gender, race, social class, IQ, physical specifications (sidebar:  in the working world, we call this discrimination).  there are no shortage of voices which (intentionally or unintentionally) diminish our capacity to reach amazing milestones in our lives.  and when we choose to listen to them and believe them, we rewrite the scripts of our days and make them lesser stories.

and in part this is what makes following Jesus so refreshing and enriching - He not only believes that we could be achieving the impossible in our lifetimes, He challenges us to do it. 

whoa nelly.  the impossible? 

well come on now.  if Jesus only challenged you to reduce your dietary sodium intake by 15%, you wouldn't be at all persuaded that He was God now, would you?

Jesus often said things that not only pushed His disciples outside of their comfort zones, but that would actually call them to revolutionize the very paradigm of theworld on to which they held so tight.  He would go so far as to say that those who chose to follow Him would accomplish even more mind-blowing things than He did.  now i don't suppose that He meant that we'd be able to be faster than a locomotive and leap tall buildings in a single bound.  or maybe He did.  but ultimately His message was that those who would follow after Him - become His disciples - would take seriously their connection to the God of the impossible.  with that as our starting point, we could attempt to live the kind of difference-making, world-impacting, legacy-leaving lives that would otherwise be foolishness and utter nonsense.

so I ask you:

what is your impossible?

what do you have it your heart to pursue that seems so out of range, so beyond your capacity, but so woven into your DNA that it won't let you go?

why don't you have any faith to go after it?   

addendum:  you may not get there.  not everybody in the bible did.  but who they became along the way, walking in step with the God of the impossible - well, that just wouldn't have happened otherwise. 


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