28 January 2013

and now - onto running

i did say that i would probably write more about running than anything.

as i plugged through 10-12cm of mushy snow this morning, i thought that i'd just drop a few lines about my running shoes - partly because i'm obsessed with trying to run smarter and faster, and partly because fashion is always in my view.

i currently have four different pairs of running shoes in my weekly training rotation.  

why four pairs you ask?  because (a) giving each pair of shoes a rest after a run helps extend the life of the shoes (it's reported that it takes 24-48 hours for the midsole of a shoe to return to shape after running compression); and (b) running in different footwear models forces me to pay attention to my stride pattern and posture more, in order to keep it consistent.

at this time, my weapons of choice are (in order of preference):

as someone who has a minimalist/barefoot style (note that i don't confess to being a truly barefoot runner) i've raced two marathons in the kinvaras, and one marathon (my current PB of 3:18:15) in the road gloves.  i'm due to run the mississauga marathon this may, and will either put the road gloves to work again or succumb to my passion for shoes and try out the skechers gobionic.

if you're looking for some solid reviews of running footwear, or excellent running reading in general, i highly recommend my friend stan who has a great blog at www.9run.ca.  he's smart, insightful, interesting, and a hard working runner who has plenty of good stuff to share.

in the meantime, if you have any questions about running footwear, minimalism or general fashion, please drop me a line!  and get out there ...


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