05 April 2013

skechers gobionic - road review

after logging a couple of shorter road runs in the skechers gobionic, i thought that i would let you know what my impressions are of these shoes:

you can also read my 'unboxing' review of them in an earlier post.

gotta say that i love my gobionics at this point, and unless some other pair of shoes surprises me these will be my go-to race day kicks for the mississauga marathon.

cry havoc, and let loose the (hot pink) gobionics of war!


  1. Excellent review Patrick. I was thinking about getting a pair of these for a while now. I checked them out at the Eaton Centre today and noticed a water-resistant version. I'm thinking of getting those in the future.

    I hope the shoes work well for you in your race. best of luck!

  2. thanks stan! much appreciated sir ... the staff at the Eaton Centre are top notch too.