22 May 2013

an expression in compression - Lunatik Athletiks gear review

several years ago i managed to mess up my achilles tendon while playing squash with a friend.  after a bit of a gong show in getting it finally (and properly) diagnosed as a complete rupture, i had it surgically repaired (thanks to a fantastic orthpedic surgeon, dr. john o'sullivan).  and it was because of this surgery that i was first introduced to compression socks - primarily as a means of preventing the formation of a blood clot when i had to hop a flight to atlanta while still in a fibreglass cast.

since then i've worn those medical-grade oh-so-sexy compression stockings (20-25 mmHG) in rotation as part of my running gear - having heard and read that compression apparel can aid in reducing muscle fatigue and increasing circulation.  while the jury is still out on whether or not it can be definitively and scientifically concluded that compression socks help athletic performance or recovery, the consensus is that they certainly don't hurt.

when i found out that someone who i used to work with at Nike Canada had become an entrepreneur and started her own compression apparel company, i was intrigued.  and then when i saw their website (www.lunatikathletiks.com) i knew that this was gear that i had to try out - and fortunately kelly (the president) remembered me and was gracious enough to comp out a pair of their men's "velocious" socks and "edge" calf sleeves for testing and review.

as you can see from my last post and from the picture below, i enjoyed playing with the colour combos in putting these ensemble pieces through their paces.

here are my impressions from the Lunatik Athletiks compression wear:

one final thought:  one of my running partners is dealing with calf tightness and plantar fasciitis, and i have given him the "edge" sleeves to try in hopes that it might help.  i'll get his review after he puts a few runs in them.

DISCLAIMER:  these socks and sleeves were provided for free by Lunatik Athletiks for review.  the opinions and fashion sense expressed are my own.


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