30 August 2013

skechers gorun 2 - road review

i did a 'first feel' review of the skechers gorun 2 a while back, and while my initial impressions were that skechers had a solid pair of shoes on the market my opinion was definitely limited in scope and experience. thanks to an online sale from The Shoe Company, i decided to pick up a pair and give them a real go(run). 

am i ever glad that i did.

this second generation design from skechers intended to promote a more mid-foot (read biomechanically efficient) stride pattern has garnered just about universally positive reviews.  and even though all of the other shoes that are part of my running rotation now are zero-drop (no differential in sole height from heel to toe), i had wanted to test out this 4mm drop shoe for marathon race-day because it could potentially help with the late-stage muscle fatigue that accompanies constant running on the balls of my feet.

i've now logged three runs in the gorun 2 - two easy runs of 10k and one tempo 10k run (which produced a PB for that distance).  these shoes make me completely unaware of the work that i'm putting my feet through - which is fantastic.  check out the video review below:

they will definitely be my kicks of choice on sept. 15 at the erie marathon, where i (once again) hope to finally attain a boston qualifying time.

given my experience with the skechers performance division so far, i've got to say that these guys know first hand what its like to rewrite (their) history.  
remember this lawsuit-worthy footwear?

haters beware!  skechers has moved from the detention room to the dean's list.  the gorun 2 is definitely worth of a five (out of five) footprint rating.



  1. Thanks for directing me here Patrick...yet another good review of these shoes! Might be time for some deal-finding...

  2. much appreciated mike! deals are definitely are around to be had on these bad boys ... and if you want to be persuaded even more, be sure to check out my pal stan's review of the gorun 2 here: http://www.9run.ca/2013/10/shoe-review-skechers-gorun-2-m.html