06 December 2013

this sad day

you'll have heard by now that nelson mandela died yesterday.

some people are larger than life, and have that ability to transcend race, culture, creed, religion, time and space.  they are reference points for the greatest ideals and purposes of humanity.  among them i would include (from my frame of reference) jesus of nazareth, mahatma gandhi, martin luther king jr., mother teresa, and certainly mandela.

i'm thankful that my children are all able to remember this day, and recognize what impact madiba's life had on the course of modern history.

while condolences and accolades pour in from around the globe, and flags fly at half-staff to mourn his passing, the greater sadness is perhaps that many of these prominent figures are who they are because of the degrees of oppression, violence, corruption and marginalization that they've engaged.

thank goodness that there are these icons who have intervened on behalf of a broken world.

thank goodness that they have shown us that there is a different way.  a better way.

thank goodness that we now have the opportunity to follow suit.


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