14 January 2014

on the run ... with sage canaday

welcome to the third interview in the on the run series ...

if you see someone scrambling up green mountain in denver, colorado at top speed, there's a good chance that that figure is sage canaday.

sage canaday is a two-time US olympic marathon trials qualifier and formerly part of the renowned Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project.  he has a marathon PB of 2:16:52 (2011) but is now better known as an ultrarunner specializing in trails and mountain courses.  in 2012 he was the US mountain running champion, and in 2013 was the USATF 100km ultra trail national champion.  he also ended the year ranked third by the International Skyrunning Federation in ultradistance racing - just behind killian jornet and luis alberto hernando gonzaga. 

also an author, coach, and owner of Vo2Max Productions, sage is quickly becoming recognized as one of the very best ultra/trail/mountain runners in the world.

. . . . .

1.  If you could spend a month in full time training with one of the following, who would you choose?

(a) Bear Grylls
(b) Usain Bolt
(c) Alex Honnold
(d) Will Ferrell
(e) Diana Nyad

SC:   "E" - Diana Nyad, so she could teach me how to swim!  I did a sprint triathlon in high school and I'm pretty sure I was the last one out of the water.  One day I want to do an Ironman so it would be good to figure out how to actually move through the water well.

2.   Even with some phenomenal wins in your career, you've been honest on reflecting on some serious bonks and disappointments (e.g. at Sierre-Zinal, Transvulcania and the UROC 100). What's a key that you and other racers (of any distance) need to pay particular attention to? 

(a) Going out too hard at the beginning 
(b) Overtraining 
(c) Non-specific training/conditioning 
(d) Insufficient rest/recovery periods 
(e) None of the above 

SC:   I'd have to give a new option "F".  I'm going to say a combo of "A", "B" and "C"!  I was overtrained and undertrained at the same time.  Not specifically prepared for some unique demands and too tired from other training that was not specific.  So it's a combination of factors. Going out hard at the start compounds that as well.

3.   You're working on producing a new film called "The MUT Runner" (an acronym for "Mountain-Ultra-Trail") - your hope for this project is to: 

(a) Elevate awareness about this new breed of athlete and introduce the pioneers/personalities 
(b) Expand the portfolio of Vo2Max Productions and your own media skills 
(c) Reintroduce yourself as a different category of runner 
(d) Leverage the opportunity to attract sponsors to the sport
(e) Draw in a whole new audience who think that you're actually talking the popularity of running with dogs 

SC:  Sorry, I'm going to have to go with "F" again!  The goal of the film project is to bring the element of speed training into ultras and highlight how top athletes may approach the sport differently now because of new competition for prize money and sponsorship opportunities.  It is a behind-the-scenes look at how mountain-ultra-trail runners can make a career out of the sport and how the sport has evolved over the years.  Finally, I aim to include (what I hope are) inspirational and informative bits on training with workout and race footage from mountains and trails around the world!

4.   Many people know you've been an elite runner on the track, the road and now the trails. What's the passion that's driving Sage Canaday into 2014 and beyond? 

(a) Oooh ... that Rob Krar ...! 
(b) Mastering the sky running circuit 
(c) Helping others find success through more coaching 
(d) Unfinished business on the roads - maybe another Olympic marathon qualifier 
(e) The 100-miler and longer

SC:  "A", "B", "C" and "D"! ... not sure about "E" ... yet ...

*** for more on sage and his company, Vo2Max Productions, visit his website at http://sagecanaday.com/.  to find out more about The MUT Runner film visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2120298996/mut-runner.


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  1. Good stuff Patrick...I'll have to check out Sage's film, it sounds cool