03 February 2014

walking wounded

i think that it may be broken.

but first, a little context.

on november 20, 2013 i embarked on my first 'group run' with the barrie roadrunners who meet up at the local running room store.  it was a decent paced first outing, but as i was a newbie i was unfamiliar with the route that we were taking so stayed in the middle of the pack.  the roads and sidewalks had a few slick spots thanks to near-freezing temperatures so as the bunch of us approached a corner the lead runner(s) slowed just a tad so as to not wipe out.  those of us just slightly behind did not anticipate the drop in pace and began to log-jam, and as a result i kicked into the heels of the runner ahead of me, almost taking the both of us down.  i thought nothing more of it at the time as we managed to carry on unphased, although i wondered whether or not that other runner might not have been grumbling in his head about the rookie.

the day after i noticed a bit of swelling on the second toe of my right foot - the same foot that gave a good boot to the guy ahead of me.  it didn't look or feel quite right.  a bit swollen, a bit discoloured, and a bit tender.

worth a trip to the doctor?  no way.  "i'm not going to clog up the medical system for something like this" i told myself.

but i did i give it a rest?  any ice, compression or elevation (the famous R-I-C-E formula)?  nope.  that's my stubbornness that borders on/is confused with determination.  

fast forward to now 10 weeks later, and here's how things look (apologies if footie pics gross you out):

in the photo you can see that 867km of running later my toe has not returned to the same normal coloured, un-swollen condition of the same toe on the opposite foot.  now, aside from being occasionally itchy (not athlete's foot, and just the top of that swollen knuckle) it has not caused me any discernible pain or impeded my running in any way.  i've googled "running with broken toe" and on numerous forums the words of advice given are that you can use the level of pain as the real determinant as to whether or not to stop running and/or seek medical attention.  that seemed like sound counsel (read:  stubborn) to me so i carry on as is with my wonky digit.

it's not much of an injury, but i can't entirely dismiss it either.  however, i certainly don't consider myself in any way shape or form as 'toughing it out'.  i'm just curious if anyone else in my readership circle has dealt with anything like this - or if you have your own 'thorn in the flesh' that you are living/running with.

as for me and my toe?  there is only one way to go - forward.


  1. While it doesn't look great (thanks for foot pictures by the way, I really needed that...), if it hasn't caused much pain I would say it isn't anything to worry too much about. Little injuries to our digits just seem to take a long time to "look" better...like my black toenails. Going on two months now and they look worse than ever! My guess is that the salt water in Dominican will clear it up real nice ;)

    1. thanks! i'm definitely not feeling like its dislocated or anything, so i'm good to go/keep going.

      and i figure that saltwater in the DR can help clear up just about anything ... (*envious*)!

  2. Yes thanks for the foot pic Patrick. :). Hope it isnt anything serious.

  3. thanks stan! i don't believe that it is - and the very fact that you're not shockingly alarmed at the picture gives me added confidence. :)