19 March 2015

when in rome

just a quick shout-out of support to my friend and local running hero stan ong who will be competing in his first rome marathon this weekend.  here's to fine pizza, beautiful architecture, romantic languages and a sub-2:55 PB!

if you haven't checked out stan's blog before (9run.ca) make sure to head on over there!  it's chock-full of great insights into the science of running, plenty of tips and tricks on how to effectively train for any race, and loads of fantastic reviews.  plus right now he has a giveaway going on for tiux compression socks!

*** UPDATE:  here's a link to stan's race report from the rome marathon!  great work my friend!


  1. Thanks for your continued support and friendship through the years Patrick! Having a great time in Rome so far. After ten days of fat loading, the floodgates are WIDE open. Had a couple plates of pasta and half a pizza for dinner and it isn't even Saturday yet :)

    1. hey stan - you already know that it's my privilege and pleasure to be your enabler. :)

      really excited for you this weekend - enjoy the authentic italian carboload!