13 June 2016

And the cat came back ... (post-injury update)

Well, it's been two weeks since I last ran any distance.

Really, it's been two weeks

without exercise

of sleeping in

eating whatever I wanted (in whatever proportion)

being off of the running radar.

I'd like to think that I learned a few things during this mini-break:
  1. It feels really good to take a rest.  Like I got to do things with my family a bit more because my schedule wasn't so structured.
  2. My body seems to be thanking me for the off-time ... I feel much better physically, and I hope that I'm ready to resume (basic) training workouts.
  3. I missed running - but not as much as I thought I would.  I think that I actually missed the people I run with (shout-out to the RunNinjas!) more than the activity itself.
  4. While I did gain weight, I didn't balloon up like I'd anticipated I would - I think that I actually only put on about two or three extra pounds, although I can see that I've lost a good bit of tone.
  5. It's hard to break the exercise habit - I did feel like I was missing something most mornings by getting up so late (i.e. 7:00 am) and not having walked in the door with a good sweat going on.
  6. There's nothing like a bit of new tech to get you itching to climb back into the game - and that's exactly what the arrival of the Epson Runsense SF-810 did for me.

And now I anxiously await tomorrow morning when I will be back on the roads again, and a reunion with my running family!



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    1. Thanks Jason - you're such an encourager and smart runner. Much respect and admiration to you bro!