12 January 2017

The race report that wasn't - 2016/17 Snowflake Series Race Four (5k)

It was the day of the fourth race in the 2016-17 Snowflake Series.

As I mentioned in my last race report I was slowly creeping up the standings and positioned to take a run at my age group lead.

And so it was that on January 8, 2017 at 10:00am the starter's air horn sounded on the last 5k race in the series.

All while I was sitting in church oblivious to the fact that I was supposed to be competing that morning.

Yep - my first DNS.

[Did Not Start]

I simply had it in my head that the races were spaced two weekends apart ... but as it turned out the last two races took place on successive weekends.  Just like it says on the poster.

How did I find out?  My good pal and fellow RunNinja James messaged me after the race to find out what had happened to me.  Initially I wasn't sure what was up, but it didn't take too long for me to have my "d'oh" moment.

Initially I wrestled with the anguish of having paid the entry fee for a race and then not even bother to have shown up due to my own sheer stupidity.  Then there was the missed opportunity of perhaps having placed in the top three for my age-group for the overall series.  However, I eventually was resigned to the fact that what's passed is past, that I had an otherwise enjoyable morning and that my friend James actually managed to claim top spot in our age group for the series thanks in part to my absence.

You know, worse things could have happened.  I could have posted the DNS due to injury.  I could have shown up, run it and hurt myself.  I could have had a brutal race and beat myself up over the result long after I crossed the finish line.  In any event, the Snowflake Series is over and I still haven't competed in the whole thing - so that leaves a goal for next winter.  In the meantime I'm celebrating James' great accomplishment and looking forward to the MEC Barrie Race Series for 2017.

And I've already marked down all the dates on my calendar.

#golikeneverbefore #keepbetternotes

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