30 March 2017

To jog or not to jog ... is it really a question?

I believe that there is truly a feeling of community amongst runners.  A recent viral video shows just how supportive and collaborative it can and has been:

It's also interesting to pick up on the subtle tones of judgment that sometimes rears it's ugly ahead within our tribe ...

Being someone who believes in and practices polarized training (keeping the majority stuff easy, the hard stuff hard and avoiding the 'mushy middle') I spend a lot of time getting in low-intensity jogs.  I'll tell you that it's real battle with the ego when you see other runners sweep past you while you're just thumping it out mile after mile, but I've long felt that the need for an easy run is usually a good indicator that I've really taxed my body well on the hard runs.  If I feel like I've got a ton more in my legs on my easy days that's a possible flag on the field telling me that I didn't give it my best on the hard workout days.

Anyway, just this week I've read two articles regarding two highly regarded and respected world-class runners - my hero Yuki Kawauchi and the recently-departed legend and multi-age group WR holder Ed Whitlock - and how they both found great value in slow-paced jogging.  I thought that both of these articles were worth sharing, so you can find them here:
While neither of these pieces will quash the smack-talk or debate regarding the potential benefits of the LSD (long slow distance) workout, hopefully it will encourage you to consider that perhaps jogging has its place in any runner's quiver.

And that jogger or runner - whatever the difference - we all belong.

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