16 September 2008

artsy-fartsy, eh?

i came across this video on garr reynolds' blog. i'm persuaded that he's onto something in what he says about the model of education (and measurement of intelligence) being based on an outdated system. part of me also wonders if there isn't an element of that in how most of us in north america approach the faith institution that we know of as church. is it not in large part a specialized model of education (don't we call the community part for kids, 'sunday school')? and is there a kind of partitioning of leaders based on the scales of intelligence? are we even encouraging (by some of the existing, even trendy models of ministry) a high degree of conformity?

lots of questions, no presumed answers. but if sir ken can posit that perhaps education is killing creativity, could it be that certain approaches to church are more outdated than they think - and even squashing the human spirit?


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  1. this is a fantastic video! i really don't know what to say... except: we need more people thinking like this.