19 September 2008

i'm going to disney world! ... ok, not really - but close ....

first off, i'm still giving pernell goodyear a run for his money as world's worst blogger ... but definitely check his stuff out. i'm so rooting for him.

secondly, this week i got word from my friend alex mcmanus that i've received a scholarship (ergo acceptance?) to be part of the 2009 international mentoring network 7-day immersion in orlando, florida. these guys are the pioneers of the culture pub movement, and i am super stoked to get to pray and plot with these would-be heroes. i'm still working on figuring out how to pull together the pennies to get me there, but i'm treating it as a non-negotiable. i believe that this is going to be absolutely integral to the republic gaining momentum.

in the meantime, here's the second part to the video interview with sir ken:


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