10 March 2014

feel the burn!

i wanted to share a post on a few of my favourite exercises - i know that everyone will have their own favs, be it cross-training, cross-fit, thumb-wrestling or whatever.  but i know that i've benefited from being exposed to the go-to workouts of others and incorporated some of those pieces into my own regimen, so maybe this can do the same for you.

if not, no worries - i'm sure that you're more than capable of putting together something that fits your preferences and needs!

my foundational workout is the pushup - and my go-tos are always three-point pushups (i.e. with one leg floating off the ground).  i usually have a standard series of pushups that i'll work through in any given week - elbows-in, elbows-out, diamond, reverse, standard, crocodile walk and of course the fingertip pushup:

for core development, i'm still a believer in your old-fashioned stomach crunches/sit-ups ... but i do toss in some plank work, and side plank variations like these are staples for me on wednesdays:

i just came across this video from kinetic revolution about developing better balance - and i love it!

for leg work, since i only have a few free weight dumbbells at home i mix and match between basic bodyweight squats and suitcase lifts and single leg deadlifts.


there are just a few of my preferred workouts - let me know what yours are!  i'm always interested to find out about difference bits and pieces that i can incorporate into my own routines.


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