21 March 2014

going pro - redux

the idea of being 'branded' is not one that i've particularly relished in my recent years ... particularly because of my own renegade nature and the freedom of movement and experimentation afforded by being unattached to any particular portfolio.

recently that changed with my affiliation with Team Running Free.

and now i'm officially a brand ambassador with Skechers Performance Division (Canada).

i can tell you that i'm genuinely stoked to be allied with Skechers.  i know that many runners still are dumbfounded by the mere mention of Skechers in conjunction with running/racing - but with several years of making headway in the athletic/running industry they are now a force to be reckoned with.  in fact, in 2013 the Skechers Performance Division was named Sports Footwear Brand of the Year at The Footwear Industry Awards in the UK.

in addition to having prominent american marathoner meb keflezighi as their most recognizable elite-level brand ambassador, what many people may not know is that the performance division has been headed up by kurt stockbridge and david raysse - and between the two of them they have logged several decades of work with nike, fila and adidas in their footwear and design departments.  you can watch david talking about one of my favourite all-time pairs of shoes, the Skechers GOBionic:

the details of being a Brand Ambassador include running gear for feedback and review, as well as assisting as a representative at race expos and providing social media contributions.  believe me when i say that this will all be a privilege and a pleasure.

so just know that for at least the next year (and hopefully beyond) you'll be hearing a lot of Skechers talk from me.  far from being constraining, this will be an awesome learning and growing experience for me as an athlete and a blogger.  

plus i'm 100% sure that as you get to know Skechers better through my posts, you'll come to understand or better appreciate just what Skechers Performance can do for you.



  1. Good stuff Patrick! You were already my "Skechers Guy" so this is a natural fit. I still want to try a pair of GoRuns!

    1. thanks for the note mike! i think that may be why i made it onto Skechers' radar ... i can't say enough good things about their products or their service!

      let me know your size deets just in case i can get my hot little hands on any extra pairs ...!

    2. Well, just in case a 10.5 falls in your lap I can find a loving home for them haha

  2. congrats Patrick! looking forward to hearing more about one of my favourite brands of runners.