04 April 2014

ten people i would like to run with ... a blog bounce

yesterday i found brian burk's post entitled "Ten People I Would Like To Run With ....." and was intrigued.  i usually hate list-type posts (especially on twitter where people try to lure you into reading something by teasing out "top five things that" or "the number one thing that"), but for whatever reason this caught my attention.   

so here's my list (also posted as a comment on brian's page):
  1. my wife - she's an occasional treadmill runner, but it would be great to get her out onto the roads and be able to share some of the time that i spend out there with her.
  2. emil zátopek - in his army boots, no less!
  3. haile gebrselassie - the great one.  'nuff said.
  4. chrissie wellington - is there a more positive person on the planet?
  5. dick and rick hoyt - i'm sure that i would be different forever after running with them.
  6. steve prefontaine - after one run i'd know what putting it all out there is truly like.
  7. yuki kawauchi - at the conclusion of which i'm sure that i would pass out and feel like i was dying while being attended to by the medics.
  8. my grandfather - the dude had one leg and served as an admiral (on loan to the British) who helped save over fifty men from an invading japanese force.
  9. forrest gump (!) - the patron saint of runners.  and table tennis players.  and shrimp boaters.
  10. eric liddell - so we could both feel God's pleasure when we ran.
who makes your list?



  1. Cool idea, I'll have to check Brian's post too.
    I think my list would include a bunch of bloggers that I just think would be fun to connect with over a few miles...I'll put you on my list!
    I love some of your choices, especially the Hoyt's.

    1. thanks mike! now your idea of 'bloggers that i'd like to run with ...' - that's sharp! i'd have to include a few guys like peter larson, mark cucuzzella, kyle kranz, caleb masland and justin owings to name a few. and of course the man, mike cooke!