04 September 2014

the Skechers hit parade

make no mistake - i know just how privileged i am to be in the small percentile of runners on the planet who have the luxury of choosing from a closet full of shoes.

i also recognize that many of the best runners alive today may not have shoes at all.  and certainly not ones that fit them properly, or that they were able to select for themselves.

however, given my context in an middle-upper class community situated in a first world nation, i've had frequent conversations with people about what pairs of shoes are the 'best' to run in for particular types of workouts and/or races.  since i do run six days per week (with some doubles) and have the habit of not wearing the same footwear two workouts in a row, i have definitely developed some preferences on what shoes help me to feel at my optimal level for any given day.

so without further ado, here is my top five list of shoes, period:
  1.  Skechers GObionic

    super light, fast, zero-drop, ultra-flexible, wide forefoot - i'd take these anywhere, anytime (if only the upper didn't tear on me they'd still be in my rotation).

  2.  Skechers GOrun 2

    if i want to go fast, these are perfect.  if i want to recover, again these will do the trick.  lightweight, work-with-the-foot dynamics - i think that i've recommended these shoes more than any other to my friends.

  3. Skechers GOmeb speed 2

    these got me across the line in Boston-qualifying time. racing flats that have great pop to them and make you forget that you have shoes on your feet at all.

  4. Skechers GOrun ultra

    perfect recovery shoe - but also the pair that most encourages me to forefoot strike, so they feel primed for bursts of speed. #GOalldaylong

  5. Skechers GObionic trail

    for all of your off-roading plans.  nimble, airy, solid all-terrain traction and just enough impact dispersion material.  i should race in these more.



  1. very very nice choices Patrick. Add a few Inov8 shoes in there and we have a very similar top 5. Only exceptions would that I would go with the GObionic2 and GOrun3...both superior updates to their predecessors, imho.

    1. hmm ... i think that i know what's next on my request list from my skechers liaison! :)

      and yep - every once in a while my bare-x 180s see some action!

  2. Really, all sketchers? I have not even tried one of their shoes yet, but they sure have a selection these days! I like seeing the photos and reading what you liked about them. I didn't know they made any trail models.
    I hope Tony and his family are doing OK. I prayed for them Saturday and are keeping them in my prayers.

    1. thanks so much for reading this post, raina - and for praying for tony and his family!

      skechers has really established themselves not only as a legit designer/manufacturer of performance running shoes - they're winning over a lot of die-hard fans from other brands. it doesn't hurt to have the current Boston Marathon men's champ on your roster either. :)