07 April 2015

[guest post] gear review - Skechers Midnight Running Tight

i'd shared an extra pair of the Skechers midnight running tight that i'd received from Skechers Performance Canada with my friend, training partner and fellow Barrie Running Ninja rick "rickyd" doucet - and in exchange he offered to share some of his own personal reflections on this piece of technical running apparel.

so without further ado, some words of review from the master b-boy and registered lethal weapon himself: 

rick and i from the 2014 MEC Barrie Race One
- - - - - - -

I wouldn’t classify myself as a new runner. I wouldn’t say that I have a lot of experience or expertise. Other than good footwear I have no running “gear”. So when one of my two running mentors offered me a pair of SKECHERS running tights I said “sure”. As I become more passionate about the sport, I’m always looking for ways to improve and find more advantages.

I think I wore a pair of nylons in a play in high school some 30 or so years ago. Needless to say, it felt odd just putting tights on. During my first run, I absolutely noticed them every step of the way. It felt strange being squeezed as I ran. I had to go out a few more times to make an honest opinion about their 'benefits'.

What I’ve noticed is that my knees don’t feel quite as tired afterwards. I feel like the compression kind of springs my legs back into a strait position after each step. I can’t tell you the exact math, but on a 24 km run, even 1% less effort per stride adds up. I’ll take it. Less effort and less pain = happy runner.

On the downside - the ankle zippers are very stiff. And the waistband is already starting to curl inside the pants.

But the bottom line is positive. I do like them very much and I will be buying more. I think next I’ll have to try some SKECHERS running shoes next.


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