10 April 2015

taking the scenic route to rotterdam

this week i've got a cool shout-out to some friends of mine who are traveling the world with their four kids!  rob and rose meeder are both doctors but decided that they wanted to create a lasting memory and legacy by taking this once-in-a-lifetime trip.  as part of the journey rose has had the chance to train with ethiopians, and will be competing in the rotterdam marathon this weekend - how cool is that?

you can find out more about this super-cool planetary tour by watching this promo video:

so while i continue to thaw out from the canadian deep freeze of 2014-15, i'll live (and run) vicariously through my globetrotting friends. 

have a great race rose, and make sure to check out the 'marathon supporter' pixelboard at the 37K point and 500m before the finish line!

you can follow rose, rob and their kids on their trip via twitter: @TheMeeders



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