15 October 2015

i'm ready for you, soweto!

except that i don't have a trip booked for south africa ... at least not this year (i still have my eye on you, comrades marathon!).

i've been using a training plan (structured by coach norrie williamson) specifically designed for the soweto marathon in preparation for my first attempt at the detroit marathon.  i chose to follow this plan as part of my 'mix-it-up' year where i deliberately focused on races that i'd not run before and using strategies (e.g. running without a watch at the waterloo marathon) that might stimulate/promote improved results.  i know that many runners choose to focus on consistency consistency consistency as the route to real gains -  but when it comes to personality that just isn't me, so why not go for broke?

as i get ready to step up to the start line in motown this weekend i have to say that i'm feeling very prepared to try to bump out a new 42.195 km PB.  i've been able to execute all of the prescribed workouts at the paces that i would expect to hit ... my body has held up and my weight stayed in a good zone ... and thanks to all my friends and training partners (much love and credit goes to the barrie running ninjas, the barrie roadrunners and the barrie trail running club) i feel as if psychologically i have all the tools to meet an audacious goal.

with that being said, i'm ready to disclose the goal(s) for this sunday's race:
  • 'A' goal - finish with a 3:00:00-3:05:xx time
  • 'B' goal - clock a new marathon PB
  • 'C' goal - run a negative split.

i've had the privilege of tapping into the wisdom and experience of a couple of speedy and accomplished marathoners (i wouldn't dream of not consulting the great stan ong who will be racing at the scotiabank toronto waterfront marathon, edging ever closer to his moose mug goal - and the other is my friend 'fast' bill steinburg) who have recommended that my best ploy at taking down an 'A' level goal is to try to run with a pacer and go for even splits.  i'd thought that perhaps i'd be able to adopt a similar strategy to the one that i used in waterloo of cruising through 32k and racing the final 10k, but the prospect of benefiting from the draft of a pace group has definitely got my attention.

so here at the precipice i stand, having controlled all that i can control.  now it's just time to enjoy the scenery and run my brains out!



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