26 October 2015

we can rebuild him: the nuts and bolts of post-race recovery

here's my first training-based video on post-race recovery - i hope that it's helpful to any of you who have given it your all and are looking for the best way to be ready to go do it all over again!

if you happen to have any suggestions for a 'nuts and bolts' type training talk that you'd like me to address please add them in the comments below - thanks!


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    1. thanks crystal! i always worry that i have nothing worthwhile to say (at least not anything that hasn't been said better by somebody else), but then i thought that perhaps i have an opportunity to reach someone that others might not.

  2. I like this Patrick and thanks for not saying that we need t ogo run the day after a goal race so that our bodies can clear lactic acid. I hate it when people say stuff like that :)

    And I can't get on board with the kale thing...I'm a spinach guy !

    1. oh stan - come on, i've been learning from you and steve magness now long enough to know better about that 'awful lactic acid'!