16 April 2016

Next stop ... Boylston Street

It's taken about five years and eight marathons ... but it has finally come to fruition.

I'll be running the Boston Marathon as a runner who met the qualification standard.

Like me, many people have this on their so-called 'bucket list' of races - and so I'm humbled and honoured to have finally made it onto the list of 2016 entrants.  On Monday April 18 I'll be lining up with 29999 other athletes in Hopkinton, MA to tackle the 120th edition of the world's oldest annual marathon.

One does not get here without a plan - and nor does one step up to it without one.  The numerous seasons of training schedules are now in the books, so it's time to define my goals for this event.  As I'm often inclined to do I've set three 'levels' of goals:

  • 'A' goal - relish the people/atmosphere/experience
  • 'B' goal - relish the people/atmosphere/experience
  • 'C' goal - relish the people/atmosphere/experience.

Thank you to all of you who have cheered, challenged, encouraged and enabled me to get to this point.  I hope that after all of your investments and mine I can hit one of my goals for this historic marathon weekend.

#GOlikeneverbefore #haveafastday #RunNinjaRun


  1. I really like your A-B-C-goals, have a great time!:)

  2. Congrats on your BM ... (Boston Marathon)! Way to go Pat! Guess who from the Soo...