28 April 2016

Pound for pound

Have you ever obsessed about weight as a runner?

Feel like if you could only get to that 'wafer-thin' status you would fly down racecourses like an elite-level marathoner?

I sure have.

Even now as I prep for another race this weekend (my first running of the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon, albeit as a pacer for a friend) I'm wishing that I was just 3-4 lbs. lighter.  Perhaps I'll get there for my goal marathon in Ottawa at the end of May - and if I do then perhaps it'll be thanks to some of these tips and tricks for tweaking my bodyweight.  Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!



  1. All good information Patrick, thanks.

    However I want to know if you are growing a mullet for an acting role or just bringing back the 80's. You know I love you Patrick!!

    Steve Hunter

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Steve-o!

      Wait, you mean the mullet isn't in style any more ...? Nuts. At least I'm ready when it comes back around. :)