19 May 2008

the village well ... or the city gate?

i haven't posted in a while, partly because i actually (for a relatively unemployed guy) feel quite swamped with activities and meetings.  not a real good excuse - especially when you see (on facebook) that i've managed to catch a ninja mouse and several bionic mice recently ...

two conversations of particular note this past week - one took place as i caught up with an old friend from my hometown of orangeville (props to the o-town!).  i met with shawn murdoch who's had his own dream of getting involved in some sort of ministry that might be hosted in a coffeeshop.  shawn's got an awesome life story that's he's crafting, and he also shared an insight into the human condition which struck me as interesting.  he said to me that his experience of life has taught him that everyone is looking for love, understanding and acceptance - and that in each of those exists the reality of forgiveness.  i think that it's worth consideration - much like erwin's suggestion that humanity has a craving for meaning, intimacy and destiny.

conversation number two took place on the golf course yesterday - in near hypothermic conditions (who needs to fall into the lake when the lake is falling on you?) but on an amazing plot of land (bigwin island - thanks again kevin!).  my friend ray was telling me about an article he'd read that talked about a sports bar that in the daytime often served as a 'real office' for virtual company employees.  workers from various organizations who were used to otherwise working in isolation come together in one space to conduct their business and share ideas.  it's an intriguing new approach to trying to build community ... read about the concept here.

coming next post - the language of heroes ...