15 April 2008

add me to the campbell soup

i've been having many encouraging meetings with various people who seem to share some of the vision of the voodoo lounge (... on another note altogether, i was thinking about other possible names yesterday and wondered about "the soularium" - so i googled it, and found that it is in use by a number of bands and is also the designation for a supercool project put on by campus crusade - check it out here).  just yesterday i happened to chat it up with someone at a funeral who worked with an old friend of mine at a local bakery ... and this friend is interested in seeing a coffeebar type venue open up here in barrie.  

did i mention that he's a baker?

as in baking stuff?


and today i had this incredibly energizing meeting with don campbell and matt campbell.  this father/son dynamic duo shared with me their family's vision, nurtured over the last several years, of creating a venue for local musicians and music lovers that would become the foundation for a kingdom community.  we shared dreams, and i think that we all felt that we were reading from the same page.  man, it was inspiring to hear where their hearts are at, how they see that it's not about Christ-followers trying to make a dent but about reclaiming everything beautiful and creative and passion-filled about the world back for God.

i just love it when a plan comes together.  cause believe me, that's what it's feeling like.



  1. awesome dude... looking forward to seeing how things unfold for you...let me know when you're in t.dot

  2. Wow making coffee and music and community and God, sounds like Paradise. Keep me informed, LS

  3. Hi Patrick... Sounds like youa re thinking of some very cool stuff. If you haven't crossed it, there is a church plant in Hamilton that is doing the music/art/coffee thing. You can find it at:


  4. lon ... great to hear from you, dude. i definitely want to catch up sometime soon. i'm still inspired by the time we met in montreal!

    lewis ... you're definitely in on the loop. thanks for all of your interest and support. you're something special, my friend.

    colleen ... thanks for mentioning the freeway! i actually got to visit with pernell and his crew last fall at the cultivate gathering that they hosted. i took a friend/partner-in-crime and we both came away stoked. it's cool to be able to look to some canadian partners in this sort of ministry!

  5. Wow. This is exciting and inspiring. It sounds so simple like why isn't there more people doing it yet powerful. When people follow God's calling no matter where it leads, God can make some totally awesome things happen.

    Until next time.

  6. Hey Pat,

    A bit closer to home is:
    Not much of website and not set up as a church(allthought the owner has her MDIV), but a cool spot.
    Her husband runs the farm side of were I work.