05 April 2008

a wild and woolly week

well, the basement flooded again (which means the office that i finally moved back downstairs got moved upstairs again ...!), it was gus' 2nd birthday yesterday, and i got two very intriguing and separate phone calls that have bearing on the voodoo lounge.

the first call was from a colleague in ministry whose congregation is thinking of launching a satellite site. they are a fairly traditional worshipping community who are considering of starting a coffeehouse venue, but they need someone to provide leadership for it. i was told that if i was interested, it would provide the kind of partnership where my "hands won't be tied". plus they already have some money set aside which they could funnel toward this new venture.

the second call came from an acquaintance through my former church home, trinity community church. this man and his son have been dreaming for a little while about trying to get something rolling in the downtown sector of our city, which would be a venue for local musicians to showcase their talent. he'd heard through a mutual friend that i was very much interested in facilitating a lab for creatives, and so we may be sitting down to chat about sharing visions.

i wonder if maybe the legs are finally getting underneath this wild dream.


  1. Hey Patrick,

    Need a partner to help you sort out all these offers?


  2. Both of them sound really cool, of course I bet the water in the basement felt cool to the touch too. Both seem to go to the idea of going away from the main stream yet getting to the heart of the stream at the same time. In essence you uncover the real stream that is running. Sounds like fun times ahead with alot of important decisions.

    One is clearly a ministry position while the other you could be ministering to a wider group. Yet both formats are not exclusive of each other but could work together to the benefit of both and most of all working with Jesus in both.

    Have take a pint of the Spirit and go with it.

  3. lewis, you'd always be welcome. i know your heart and we could have erwin parties together!