30 April 2008

artists understand artists

yesterday i spent about an hour and half talking, laughing, consulting and visioning with janette vanderzaag of groundswell coffeehouse in alliston, on. the venue there is not unlike what i have envisioned for here in downtown barrie - a cultural hub, nurturing creativity and community. she's been paving a path there for about 3 years now, and was very gracious in sharing the practicalities and pitfalls that need attending to when trying to open up a business like that.

i walked away with several contact names, great insight into what makes a successful coffeehouse tick, and encouragement that this kind of ministry resonates with all sorts of people.

and she delivered a pretty mean cup of hot chocolate - rivalling my good friend marty's product.

anyway, business plan here we come! and do check out groundswell, if you happen to be swinging through alliston.


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  1. Hey Voodoo, its great to hear that things are moving along. These must be really exciting times for you and hte family, in a number of different ways.

    It is encouraging to hear everything that God is doing in you life.

    Until next time,