03 February 2009

i am maximus ... or am i?

defining leadership is an incredibly easy task ... as long as you like multiple answers.  you can find a different definition at every turn, and everybody feels that their definition pretty much captures the essence of 'true leadership'.  with that in view, we dove in as well:
  • we each spent time reflecting on the leaders from films - ones that we admired, and others that we felt that resembled.  here are some of the films mentioned:  Chicken Run; Dave; Entertaining Angels; Saving Private Ryan; Blackhawk Down; Gladiator; and my own selection, 12 Angry Men.
  • there are two elemental leadership abilities:  (1)  the ability to harness human energy - examples of people who can create a group by their charisma or talent include Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte (not Dynamite ... although he's got some serious skillz), Adolf Hitler, and Josef Stalin; and (2)  the ability to energize human community - these are people who create a culture where others can discover and exercise their leadership.
  • it is more important to understand the strengths of others than to understand your own
  • the key to working with other strong leaders who are not inclined to play with the team is to consistently bring them into the conversation - do not allow them to sit back until the zenith point, when their input can derail the work of the team
  • [StrengthsFinder] - BELIEF is at its core a momentum generator
  • [StrengthsFinder] - the genius of COMMAND is that it arises in crisis ("it is the horse that you need not ride" - Chip Anderson)
  • King David's skill as a sling-shotter was transferred from the sheep pen to the battlefield - what if we allowed/encouraged people to bring their talents 'from the field' into the church, instead of determining for them where they are capable of serving
  • social entrepreneurs are not fatalists - they see the future as open (plural options and uneven impact) rather than closed (singular and monolithic)
tomorrow ... what form will the human community of the future (have to) take?


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