04 February 2009

where does following Jesus take people?

today ben (DeLand, Florida) joined our intrepid core of world-changers.  we're getting ready for The Human Event tomorrow, when many others will descend on downtown Orlando to join us for the full-out conference.  

as far as day three goes, we covered some ground on the the nature of restored human community, the church, and the culture pub movement.  here are some of the thoughts that are still self-expanding:
  • the church exists in two structures:  modality (a 1st commitment community - e.g. the local church) and sodality (a 2nd commitment community, which holds a more radical minimum standard - e.g. mission agencies, apostolic teams) ... but just about everyone wants to participate in the energy of a sodality ~ so why not construct the local manifestation of a Christ-following community as a sodality?
  • Jesus is a projection of the human future, should we choose to embrace Him
  • we will not reach the fulness of our individual human powers until we become fully human as a species - the whole must become healthy
  • "redemption and lift" - when the Gospel enters a community/culture, there is a measurable economic lift as it takes root
  • fallen humanity is like a broken or corrupted hyperlink - looking to human beings should point people to God and the Kingdom, but as a broken link we point to and create a dark yet potentially beautiful world
  • human history is the record of inhumanity
  • the concepts/precepts of the Gospel follow after the concrete activity of the vibrant human community
  • "zen evangelism" - it would be great to be able to convert people from apathy to passion 
  • culture pubs help make a community human again by commissioning art
  • the culture pub promoter interprets what God is saying to the world through the world - s/he is listening to unredeemed prophets


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