29 December 2014

on the run ... avec moi

one of the blogs that i follow is 3 Cheap Runners authored by mike, michelle and rhoda - and last week i noticed this little 'get-to-know-me' segment that michelle had posted (as part of a pseudo-bloghop), and i thought that i would keep the fun going ... not unlike the good ol' chain letters of yesteryear. :)

four names that people call me:

1. patty
2. vooman
3. p-voo
4. spiff

four jobs i've had: 
1. volunteer resources administrator
2. pastor
3. funeral director's assistant
4. communications officer
four movies i have watched more than once: 
1. the shawshank redemption
2. casablanca
3. the matrix
4. all of the lord of the rings trilogy  

four books i'd recommend:  
1. the old man and the sea
2. the bible
3. born to run
4. open  

four places i've lived:
1. london, england
2. orangeville, ontario (canada)
3. mississauga, ontario (canada)
4. barrie, ontario (canada)  

four places i have been: 
1. cape hatteras, north carolina
2. teotihuacan, mexico
3. kota kinabalu, malaysia
4. palace of the romanian parliament

four places i'd rather be right now: 
1. surfing in new zealand
2. motorcycle trip across route 66
3. whipping around in a TARDIS
4. backpacking through the UK  

four things i don't eat: 
1. coconut
2. bacon
3. coffee
4. alcohol  

four of my favourite foods:
1. gingerbread men
2. pizza delight
3. doritos
4. hot peppers  

four TV shows that i watch (watched): 
1. gotham
2. ink master
3. penny dreadful
4. star trek: the next generation  

four things i'm looking forward to this coming year: 
1. tackling my first 50-mile race
2. teaching my daughter to drive
3. having something of a summer vacation for the first time in about seven years
4. finishing up my project motorcycle and getting it onto the road  

four things i say a lot: 
1. who left these lights on?!?
2. are you a runner?
3. hey, dr. brad!
4. off you go!

and now you know a little bit more about me, whether you wanted to or not.  if you'd like to pick up this ball and run with it i encourage you to do so - let someone else know what you're all about!



  1. Love it! We share quite a few of these...who knew we both lived in London? Well, a London at least ;)
    You and Michelle might be the only runners I know that don't drink coffee, how do you do it?
    Catch ya on the flip side Vooman!

    1. thanks mike!

      yeah, i never picked up the taste for coffee ... it was always coke that got me through my late night essay writing in university. :)

      happy new year to you and your family!