22 February 2013

in-store review - skechers gorun 2

last night i was chaperoning my daughter and her friend at the mall, so i decided to make a quick trip into our local sportchek to ogle their footwear wall.  to my surprise, in and amongst the nike, asics, under armour and k-swiss running shoes was the skechers gorun 2!

eager to fistbump my own gazelle one day, i asked the salesperson if i could try out a pair ... so here are my initial in-store impressions:

  1. light - that was to be expected.  they weigh in at 6.6 oz for men's size 9s.  built for speed yes indeedy!
  2. non-noticeable m-strike area - in the gorun (i tried those on about a month ago) that rockered middle area was definitely noticeable while walking, standing and during the in-store jog.  not so in the gorun 2 - i can see how these would still promote a mid-foot strike without providing discomforting feedback.
  3. 4mm drop - i like that.  it feels pretty flat, and the scooped heel helps too.
  4. width - not so bad.  i've read some concerns/complaints about the fact that these are a bit narrower than other models in the skechers performance line, but these seemed decent enough - but i did pull out the insoles and ran a circuit that way, and felt roomy enough for good toe splay in them.
  5. extra laces!
at $109 CDN i was tempted ... but refrained.  i've got some gobionics to tackle first (on order from amazon.com), and i think that from there i would really like to try the gorun speed when they become available.  but i did tell the salesperson that they were an excellent feeling shoe, and that he should definitely try a pair (having told me that he's a pronounced heel striker ... hopefully i managed to convert him from the dark side).


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