01 February 2013

what's the big deal about a BQ?

i confess that for me the superbowl of running is to qualify and be accepted for the boston marathon.  it's what propels me to sign up for races and train when everyone else is sleeping.

but is it such a big deal?  will i have a sense of "is that all there is?" once (and it is inevitable folks, mark my word!) i achieve it?

qualifying for the boston marathon has a mythical aura about it within north american running culture that i'm not sure can be explained.  for sure there's the impulse for me to strive to be among the 10% or so of all marathoners on the continent who are able to qualify for this race (especially significant when you consider that less than 1% of the population ever completes a marathon).  and then given that it's one of the world marathon majors - to be able to say that i competed in one of the world's elite athletic competitions, well that crosses one item off of my bucket list.

but accomplishing and following through on a BQ certainly finish the list of running goals for me.  at the very least, i have committed to a friend in south africa to complete the comrades marathon with him - the world's oldest and largest ultramarathon.  depending on who you reference, it's 87-90km of roadrunning between pietermaritzburg and durban.  just the opportunity to visit south africa is a dream in and of itself - but to run the comrades will probably be the motivation that i will need to get there.

what are your running goals (big or small)?  share them here - i'd love to know about them and cheer you on.

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  1. I don't have specific goals this year, although if I had a support crew and a month of free time I'd love to run the Ganaraska Trail end-to-end.

    I also want to do the Paris-Ancaster bike race, especially if I can convince anyone else to come and join me.