15 February 2013

shameless for shoes

i admit to having a bit of a shoe fetish.  at one time you could have confused me with imelda marcos, but i've managed to rein that in (a bit).  

having formerly worked several years with sports & fitness powerhouse Nike, i managed to accumulate all sorts of footwear over time ... all branded with the same swoosh, mind you, but tons all the same.

i've since tried very intentionally to become less of a consumer, and less of a materialist - purging a number of pairs of shoes (mostly donated to charities and shoe distribution programs) and not replacing them with others.  however, with my introduction to the world of competitive running and marathon training, i've found a way to reawaken my fascination with what goes on my feet.  the fact that rotating shoes during training is recommended doesn't help to quell the appetite.

so having spent time scouring the blogosphere and being helped incredibly by numerous experienced runners, physiologists, evolutionary biologists, and endurance coaches, i've discovered that various running shoe companies are willing to comp out pairs of footwear to individuals for testing and review purposes.

thus i throw my hat into the same ring.

i don't pretend to be superanalytical, or more than a burgeoning student of the running science, but i do know that i put plenty of road miles on my shoes and can give very specific feedback on the ones that i do run in.  being a convert to minimalism and the barefoot running style, i tend to pay a whole lot less attention to bling and a put a whole lot more focus on how well shoes serve their biomechanical purpose.

merrell, saucony, asics, skechers, mizuno, skora, nike ... are you listening? :)

so while it may not interest you a whole lot, i think that i will begin by reviewing the shoes that i do wear in rotation, even though they're older and likely not what you're wearing to run. but it'll be good practice for me - and who knows, it may be the beginning of a trend ...

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