11 February 2013

light feet and footlights

this past weekend was a hoot and a half - we opened our local production of Spamalot to an almost completely sold-out house (we were supposed to have opened on friday night, but thanks to snowmageddon we bumped that to saturday night) and danced, pranced and taunted our way through two hours of holy grail humour.  i don't think that i've ever been part of a more exhilarating or exhausting show ... the costume changes, make-up on/off/reapplied, and booting it all over creation just to make it the right appearances on the right parts of the stage.  whew - it's tiring to even try and describe it.

in and through all of the rehearsals and now the actual performances, i've been a good little boy and stuck to my marathon training schedule.  i have to admit that mondays for the last five weeks or so have been the most difficult runs for me as they're usually post 9-10 hours of theatre work - so at the very least i'm grateful that they're listed as 'recovery runs' for me.

anticipating an elevated level of fatigue, what i did try to experiment with this past weekend was to remove the insoles from my saucony kinvaras and nike flex 2012 runs.  two reasons for this:  (1) i felt like having to be on my feet so much i could use a little bit of extra splay room in my shoes (i would appreciate it later in the day on stage); and (2) the reduced slivers of an ounce that would result would be welcome over the 10 to 16 km.

as it turned out, it was a welcome change and i think that those insoles may not return.  both pairs of shoes felt good without them, since i like a flatter heel-to-toe drop and am a forefoot runner who enjoys ground feel.  i know that some of the shoes that i have been looking at trying out (brooks pure drift and skechers gobionic) have been intentionally designed with removable insoles - maybe this is a technological tactic that will work for me.


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