19 March 2013

everything i needed to know i should have learned as a kid

having just read a status update from my good friend lewis on dailymile, i thought that it was timely that i post a quick little something about tying shoes.

i must admit that i was already thinking about this, as i had the experience last thursday of running a marathon pace training run with my right shoelace flopping about untied for about 3 km.  frustrated with this poor-performing technology, i went on a trusty google search to determine the best way to tie shoes for running.

little did i realize that i wasn't tying my shoes properly at all.

for the last 37 years.

i came across this video which - although it made me feel more than a bit juvenile - taught me the proper way to lace up shoes:

after having watched the video and applied the appropriate technological advancement, i can now vouch for two things:  
  1. it feels weird to tie my knots this way.
  2. my laces have not even come close to coming undone.
oh ... and if you've ever wondered why running shoe manufacturers punch an extra set of holes further up and lower than the set that would seem to be at the top of your shoes, here's why.



  1. I tied my shoes that way cause they look nicer when the lace run parallel to the ground, instead of crooked and ugly.

  2. aj - thanks for the comment bro! i guess that someone taught you the value of good aesthetics then. you're (at least) one up on me!

  3. i'll wrestle you for that title ...