06 March 2013

my three sirens

i run.  it's funny, i tell people that i don't love running (because i don't really), and they find that hard to believe considering how much time and discipline that i try to put into it.  i'm more of a goal-oriented runner - i'm fairly certain that if i didn't dangle a race carrot in front of myself that i would hit the snooze button way more often and settle in with a tub of maple walnut ice cream for the midnight movie a whole lot.

i act.  it was in 2008 that i discovered community theatre (or was encouraged into it by my wife who spotted an audition notice calling for "two men, ages 30-40 for comedic roles"), and i haven't looked back since.  the stage is such a perfect creative outlet for a non-musical, drawing-impaired guy like me.  and the theatre community is comprised of ├╝ber-talented, fascinating personalities.  there's nothing quite like being able to still play make-believe at my age.

i ride.  no, not as in bicycle (except for my brief stints with triathlon training and competition), but as in motorcycling.  i also came into it late - the year after i got married was when i decided to take the motorcycle rider safety course at one of the local community colleges - but honestly, as my dad was a BSA rider back in england.  oddly enough, when i announced my intention to take up motorcycling, it wasn't my wife or my mom who put up the most fuss - it was my dad, the reformed bad boy.  maybe because he knew more intimately than most just how dangerous it could be.  

there have been four motorcycles to date that have been part of my stable:  a 1981 yamaha xj650, a 1979 yamaha xs850, a 1985 honda nighthawk 750s, and now a 1988 kawasaki ninja gpx750.  if you know your bikes, you'll notice a slow transition from cruiser to sport (tourer) models - but i don't think that my evolution in riding will be complete until i land myself on top of a really nice cafe racer ... maybe something like this:

maybe one day.

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