12 March 2013

just when i think i've got it bad

today was the first of my strength training runs according to the hansons marathon plan ... and i can safely say that i was disappointed with the result.  tough slugging, slow pace, tired legs.  not an encouraging day as i look at entering the last half of my training schedule.

it's days like this that i (and maybe some of you know the feeling) need to get a sense of perspective to help set me right.  and wouldn't you know that these two stories popped up on my radar screen today - and they're too good not to share.

(1) "Nine-hour marathon run on broken ankle" - i may never complain about pain during my runs again.

(2) "Brain cancer patient wins Gusher Marathon" - there are some comparisons that can be drawn here to the marathoners/competitors who inspire me the most, rick and dick hoyt.

may you (and i) run the race with perseverance ... remembering to enjoy the fact that you can run.


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