17 March 2013

homemade chia seed energy gel failure

with permission to turn the kitchen upside down as necessary, i embarked yesterday on making my own energy gel. 

i've often wanted to tinker with this - partly because i'm as cheap as they come (and would rather homebrew something that would price out at a fraction per serving of most retail gels) and partly because chris mcdougall's Born To Run inspired me - as it has many others - to explore the benefits of chia seeds.

so armed with the recipe from "no meat athlete" (found here) i followed the recipe down to the letter.

or so i thought.

as i tried to work my magic with the various ingredients, i got caught up in the fact that i didn't have all of the right measuring tools.  not the main problem - the main problem turned out that i can't read.

better put, that i trust my instincts more than my fact-gathering senses.

in the midst of various 1/16 cup, 1/8 and 3/4 cup measurements, i read "1/4 cup salt substitute" and "1/8 cup baking soda".

except that the clearly printed instructions call for "1/4 tsp salt substitute" and
"1/8 tsp baking soda".

i didn't realize my mistake until this morning's first ingestion of the homemade energy gel right before embarking on my 27k training run.


how's the old saying go?  "measure twice and cut once"?

new batch coming up.


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