02 March 2013

unboxing - skechers gobionic

a quick post to show off my new skechers gobionics - and a commendation to the skechers team.

first, before the box there was the bag:

pretty nice eh?  a reusable nylon tote/back pack instead of just a plain plastic bag.  i would have been happy with a recyclable paper bag too, but this says something about what kind of value skechers wants to deliver to its clients.

and now the shoes:

i gather that the second release of colourways for the gobionics they term the 'prana' edition.  i got to check out the orange/yellow combo as well as the red/hot pink ones that i settled on.  these definitely look like more 'race ready' shoes that the standard colourways that were included in the original release.

the plan is not to run in these at all until the roads around here are consistently dry - hopefully within the next two to three weeks.  that'll still give me a good month in them before lacing the timing chip into them for the mississauga marathon.  so no real review details yet, although i did give them a decent workover in the store (skechers retail in the toronto eaton centre) and found that these size larger than i expected.  i was fully prepared to walk away with size 10s based on the reading i'd done and recommendations that were shared with me, but knowing that i will run without the removable insole i found that the size 10s were crazy sloppy on me when i tried them on.  there was lots of lateral and longitudinal motion in them even with socks that were a bit thicker than my race day variety.  the 9.5s that i eventually brought home were still plenty wide for decent toe splay and give me that thumb width between my longest (second) toe and the end of the shoe.

before i go i have to comment quickly on the skechers staff - they were out and out fantastic.  specific props to amar (the javelin competitor who came from india) who worked with me tirelessly as i waffled back and forth trying on size 9.5s and 10s in several colourways, as well as giving me time to compare the gobionic against the gorun 2 and the gobionic ride.  in a busy store, he managed to treat me like the queen of england (figuratively speaking).  his manager (didn't get his name) and fellow salesperson linda were also top notch - but i just have to say that for me they helped create one of the most positive customer service experiences i've had in a long time.  whatever skechers is doing - from a product design and a personnel training perspective - they've won me over.  i'm definitely recommending them on to anybody who'll listen!


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